4th transnational project meeting, Ankara, Turkey

21/05 - 22/05/2019

project guide

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The 4th transnational project  meeting took place on 21 and 22 May 2019 in Turkey in Ankara. The meetings  were attended by representatives of the project coordinator and partner  organizations from Hungary, Romania and Turkey. The main topic of the meeting  was the evaluation of pilot testing of training material in partner countries  and the approval of the final version of "Innovative Training Programme  for Experts by Experience in the form of Blended-Learning" and  "Guide to Implement an Innovative Training Programme for Experts by  Experience". An approved brochure entitled  "Successful Life Stories" was presented, followed by evaluated  partner cooperation, project impact on participants, participating  organizations, target groups and other stakeholders. Partners also dealt with  the preparation of final conferences in individual partner country.