National final conference in Romania


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The  final conference at national level in Romania took place on 12 July 2019 in  Sfanthu Gheorghe. At the final conference held  in the Iris House there were 45 participants. Social Welfare and Child  Protection Office (educators, social workers, special education teachers),  Job Occupation Agency, Social and Rehabilitation Institutions dealing with  disabled people,  an Autistic Centre,  Local government, the Special Inspector,   the director of County Center for Resource and Educational Assistance,  Civil Organisations, Pastors, Diocesan Women’ Association,  the Methodist from the Didactic Training  House, Employed People with disability, professionals, mentors and trainers,  volunteers were present at the event.Introducing within the project  Expert by Experience proved to be a success. They were with a great interest,  especially that a person with disability can help their fellows efficiently  by sharing their experience within the professional framework. It is unique.  They were very pleased and surprised by the complexity of the training  material and of it’s practical part as well. After introducing the material,  it was presented the online platform, how can be reached, navigate, etc.The Expert by Experience trained  within the project spoke about the positive outcomes of the training, her  experiences, the friendships and relationships that she gained, from her own  point of view.