National final conference in Turkey


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Turkish National Final  Conference was carried out in Ankara, in 28 June 2019. Participants were people  with disabilities (PWDs), their families, special education teachers and  trainers, academics from special education, sociology and psychology  departments of various universities, government authorities in special  education and employment fields, physiotherapists, sociologists,  psychologists, owners and directors of special education and rehabilitation  centres, heads of some associations and foundations and some other people who  are concerned in PWD field. Some academics, sociologists, psychologists, PWD  association managers and DOST staff made presentations. Speeches were about  1- Introduction of EXPERIENCE (Scope, Outputs and Events), 2- Introduction  and use of Electronic platform, 3- Education of Special Education Teachers  and their preparation for work in Turkey, 4- Public and Private Sector  Opportunities for Employment of PWDs, 5- Social Effects of Employment of PWDs  and its necessity, 6- Education of PWDs, their Social Rights and Actions to  be taken. In the conference, general PWD problems were discussed, employment  opportunities and social rights of PWDs were analysed. There was a  question-answer part at the end. PWD teachers and trainers were highly  concerned about Electronic Platform, whereas PWDs and their families were  more interested in employment opportunities. Use of Electronic Platform was  clearly explained and indicated to the participants through slides. The  website and other products were also demonstrated.