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Our Strength is Experience –
innovative training program for Experts by Experience


Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action: Strategic Partnerships
Field: Strategic Partnerships for adult education
Main objective: Development of Innovation

Duration of the project: 01/09/2017 – 31/08/2019

One of the key objectives in the European employment sector is to promote the employment of people with disabilities (PWD) on the open labour market and to encourage the employers to employ them.
There is a range of supporting public employment services available for PWD, however, the capacity of these services does not meet the requirements at the national level in any partner country due to the lack of qualified professionals. Organisations working in the non-profit sector play an increasingly important role in filling in this gap.
Survey results have shown that more attention should be paid to the transition of young PWD from the education to the employment and, that PWD should be assisted in their choice and change of employment. This process requires experienced professionals to help PWD to overcome the obstacles and share the experience gained in the open labour market. The project aims to develop an innovative blended-learning training program for the “Experts by Experience” based on international recommendations. The project defines the “Experts by Experience” as PWD who have personal experience with the challenges of disability and, who managed to handle them due to some specific skills, attitudes, methods and competences gained during an innovative training and, who can also use their experience to the benefit of other PWD. After completing the training, the “Experts by Experience” would work in non-profit organizations and thus facilitate the reintegration of PWD to the labour market.
The project will include 4 partner institutions active in the field of providing consulting, educational and special services for the disadvantaged groups in four EU countries: Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania and Turkey.

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