National final conference in Slovakia


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The final conference on the national  level in Slovakia took place on 20 June 2019 in Dunajská Streda. The  conference was attended by 25 participants. As a part of the final conference  were presented the activities of the coordinating organization and the results  of the international project EXPERIENCE - "Innovative Educational  Programme for Experts by Experience in the Form of Blended-Learning",  "Guide to Implement an Innovative Training Programme for Experts by  Experience" and "Brochure on Successful Life Stories", which  can motivate other citizens with disabilities. An associated partner of the  project, the Association for the Assistance to the People with Intellectual  Disabilities, was introduced and we also dealt with practical experience  obtained directly from practice in testing the training programme. Other  modern on-line options (webinars and platforms) were presented to promote  awareness and develop the skills of experts as well as citizens with  disabilities, and last but not least new opportunities for employing  disadvantaged groups in the form of social entrepreneurship. The  conference was attended by representatives of counselling and training  organizations, associated partners, the  Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, employers operating sheltered  workshops, centre of pedagogical-psychological counselling and prevention,  professional organizations to support people with disabilities, a non-profit  fund to support people with disabilities, labour market research  organizations and on-line counselling and private entrepreneurs operating  sheltered workplaces. Subsequently, on 24 June 2019, a smaller-scale final  conference was held in Veľký Meder with representatives of professional  organizations and employers.