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OZ Spoluprácou pre lepšiu budúcnosť – Veľký Meder

Web: http://ozbuducnost.sk/

Spoluprácou pre lepšiu budúcnosť – Veľký Meder (Teamwork for a better future – Veľký Meder)  is a small Civil Association (CA) whose main objective is to promote and develop activities for the active participation of citizens at the local, regional, national, and international level in various fields of social life, in particular in the areas of:  
a) education, lifelong learning and extracurricular activities by promoting:
-education and creating opportunities for the disadvantaged and marginal groups
- modern communication technologies (Internet, Skype, Facebook)
b) development of social responsibility in a form of:
- promoting communication and dialogue between people and different sectors
c) creating legal awareness by:
- promoting public awareness of the rights and responsibilities
- providing administrative and advisory services for the disadvantaged and marginal groups
-d) (re)integration of job seekers into the labour market, focusing on the disadvantaged groups by implementing:
-  information and advisory activities and professional counselling
- international institutional exchange of information about the labour market and good practices.

The founders have years of experience in professional consulting and international partnerships.                                                                                                 The primary target group of the CA are the disadvantaged, in particular the long-term unemployed; older people (over 50 years of age); the disabled; and young people.
Moreover, the CA cooperates with training institutions, organizations of career guidance and counseling, labour market services, non-governmental organizations and experts in the field of education and career guidance in Slovakia and in the EU.

The CA undertakes professional activity in three different fields: in the field of client services, in the field of project managing, and in the field of adult training activity:
1. Client Services
2. Project Managing
3. Adult training activity

Human Profess Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Web: http://www.humanprofess.hu/

Human Profess Nonprofit Ltd. was established by three private persons in 2010. Its employees have 15-20 years of working experience in the labour, adult training and social field, in the implementation of Hungarian and international tenders, and it has a wide range of experts. The company is also an accreditated adult training institution since 2013, Registry No: AL-3002.

The target groups of the company are disadvantaged people such as disabled people, unemployed people, women, career entrant young people and older people. Besides them, we are offering our services for professionals, civil organisations, for-profit and nonprofit institutions and local governments.

Our field of operation is Vas county, the Western frontier of Hungary, but we keep in touch with many state, civil and nonprofit organisation and university of several countries of the European Union.

The company undertakes professional activity in four different fields:
1. Labour market services:  facilitating social integration and employment of disadvantaged people, offering services and training related to the vocational rehabilitation of disadvantaged people, career advice, close cooperation with labour organisations, consulting companies and service providers.
2. Adult training activity: organising trainings, developing teaching materials, informing institutions about the latest trainings, doing administration related to the implementation of the training, documenting and developing the quality management system of the training.
3. Knowledge and innovation transfer: exploring the opportunities lying in Hungarian and international cooperations, establishing relationships, adapting innovative activities, generating Hungarian projects, working and trying out innovative activities.
4. Writing and managing tenders for external clients: for local governments int he fields of health development/health promotion, and the development of social services, clearing info communicational obstacles for social, health and educational institutions, labour market services and innovational developments for small enterprises.

The vision of our enterprise: we are an organisation fighting for the equal opportunities and labour market rehabilitation of disadvantaged groups. We wish to preserve our stability by being a multifaceted organisation, which is providing its services for several sectors, and is at the same time flexible and striving for innovation.

Fundația Creștină Diakonia Filiala Sfântu Gheorghe

Web: http://www.iriszhaz.ro/

Accreditation Daycare and Integrational Center throuth Ocupational Terapy for Adult Persons with Disabilities.

The Christian Foundation Diakonia was established in 2002 by the Reformed Church of Transylvania in order to support people in need. In the next years the Foundation Diakonia opened local branches with own legal entity in different regions of Romania, like Sf. Gheorghe, Cluj Napoca, Targu Mures, Reghin and Brasov.

The first great social project initiated by Diakonia was the home care service. At the moment the Foundation Diakonia Sf. Gheorghe runs home care services in more than 30 villages and 3 cities from county Covasna.

Since 2006 it runs activity for PwD-s, in 2009 was built the Irisz House, Day- care Center for disabled people, with different kind of therapy development activities, like: music therapy, ludo-therapy, handy-crafts, swimming, theater-group, dancing (folkdance and modern dance), art therapy, etc..
Since 2011 we have a Day- care Center for children in need from Sf. Gheorghe and since 2014 a Day Centre for Roma and socially disadvantaged children from Valea Crisului. At the moment it runs a project to support more the 354 school-children in 11 villages with warm meal and after-school program.

The Foundation has more social workshops for young adults with disabilities, like: second hand sorting workshop, Irisz Shop in two cities Sfantu Gheorghe and Covasna, carpentry, painter group, gardening group, social farm and gardening, a camp near Sfantu Gheorghe, toilet paper workshop, shelter home (at the moment 1 apartman for 4 PwD-s). In this workshops we have created 16 jobs and we have external assisted workplaces for 10 PwD-s and 2 group-leaders in two different factories/companies.

Dost Özel Eğitim ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi

Web: http://www.dostegitim.com/

Private Dost Vocational and Rehabilitation School, being located in a rural area of Ankara, is a non-governmental and special educational and rehabilitation institution. Our institution was established in 2000 and has a 17 years experience. We have many experts such as  sociologists, psychologists, physiotherapists, child development experts, special education experts, case managers and family therapists. With these experts, we implement  different educational modules on differrent types of disabilities and disadvantaged groups. These implementations involves finding jobs, engaging in business establishments. Apart from educational programs, we give counselling to families with disabled children through helping them to cope with their problems associated with disabilities. Also, we are helping them to develop their working capacity and make it easier them to find suitable jobs.

The education center assists about more thane 300 disabled and disadvantaged groups who either attend the activities in the school or get home care services. The Association provides education directly to disabled children-youth-adults, to the parents and the personal assistants of the disabled people, and to staff. With that their qualities and capacities grows and their adaptation gets easier. It offers support, information and help to families, disabled adults and people in need.

DOST's main activities are: training disabled people, doing projects on disadvantaged groups, providing many types of training courses, family seminars about disability, group education in many areas, workshops, counselling, youth exchange, and trainer exchange. The activities carried out by DOST are mostly based on special education, physical therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy, psychological counselling given to children as well as adults and parents. And making collaborating with government, civil organisations, labour offices and employer advocacy organisations.DOST have carried out lots of EU Projects on disabled people, their problems, family issues and other related areas. With these projects, we developed innovative products and new training modules for disadvantage groups. Our cooperation with Universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations continue.

Our institution, with its many experts (ranging from sociologists, psychologists, physiotherapists,  to child development experts, special education experts, case managers,  family therapists etc.) implements  different education modules on disabled and disadvantaged people. Apart from that, we have carried out so many projects as project coordinator and partner on vocational education, adult education and family counselling through cooperations with governmental and non-governmental organizations. As a part of these projects, we implemented family trainings, workshops, vocational trainings and other supporting systems. Owing to these activities, we prepared disabled children to the work-life and helped a great number of families with disabled children. Our cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations is still continuing.


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