Pilot trials of "Innovative training programme"

January - February 2019

project guide

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The  innovative training programme for Experts by Experience in the form of blended-learning  was tested in January and February 2019 in four partner countries (Slovakia,  Hungary, Romania, Turkey) on the sample of 49 participants (citizens with  disabilities) and 8 trainers. In all partner countries, both training  participants and trainers have received positive evaluation of training  materials and pilot training. Participants particularly appreciated the e-learning  platform. Many participants of training have emphasized that EXPERIENCE  trainings or other similar trainings should be more frequently implemented to  improve the services provided to people with disabilities. All participants  considered it very important to be included into the counselling activities the people with disabilities as Experts by Experience. They welcomed the opportunity to study theoretical materials through online training, as well as the opportunity to get feedback on the level of their knowledge through tests that are located on the e-learning platform.